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I am Susan Epstein from the famous town of Woodstock, NY. colony of the arts. Although my interests are many  there are three things in life that I am truly passionate about: TRAVELING,  ANIMALS,  and NATURE .  This is a travel blog  that incorporates all three………and oh yes, I can’t leave out  culture and  the arts!


Me, Susan, on a road trip through the American Southwest.

I have traveled in 15 different countries, usually on a shoe string budget living as much as possible like the indigenous people, shopping where they shop, exploring off the beaten paths, and always seeking adventure in the out of doors where I could find beautiful landscapes, interesting people, and animals to observe and photograph.

Flaming sunset at the first bridge over the Ashokan Reservior

Flaming sunset at the first bridge over the Ashokan Reservior

I have a great respect for nature and believe that if people really saw and experienced the beauty of the natural world that they would treat it more respect and higher regard. One of my most exhilarating travel experiences  was seeing toucans, monkeys, and animals in their native habitat – free. So it stands to reason that wherever I go a good many of my blog posts and photos end up focusing on animals and nature.


20151206_120445(1) photo of Susan's Wooly monkey

Our Wooley monkey who also traveled with us

I come from a family of artists who also loved traveling and animals. We always had a menagerie of pets who were our fur children and accompanied us on many trips.

20151206_115122(1) Family travels to Florida with their dog

Traveling to Florida with my dog “Piggy”, sister, and parents.

I became addicted to traveling after participating in a one month home stay/travel program in Mexico where we lived with a local family, studied Spanish, and then took off in mini vans and horse back to explore different areas. That marked the beginning of the end of my “Routine” life. After finishing my last year of high school I specifically chose a college that would allow me to travel abroad. Attending Friends World College  offered an opportunity to study and travel in Europe and Central America, where I focused on art, folk medicine, and natural methods of healing.

By profession I am a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, and natural wellness educator. I am also an entrepreneur and travel host in Woodstock, NY where I welcome travelers from all over the world to “CATNIP TERRACE AIRBNB” and help them have a fabulous experience in my legendary home town.

 This is a photo of Fifi the cat and mascot of Catnip Terrace Airbnb

“Fifi” – Director of Catnip Terrace Airbnb, Woodstock

This site is about my own travel experiences which will hopefully entertain and be helpful to others who want to explore nature, wildlife, foreign cultures, and the arts.

Please Note ****- As you have seen from the photo we had a Wooly monkey back in the 1960s and though she was dearly loved as a member of our family, I do not recommend having a monkey or any wild animal as a pet. The reasons are too many to address here (it’s a whole topic in itself). They belong at home in their natural environment and deserve to live their lives as nature intended unmolested by humans.

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