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Catnip Terrace Woodstock Airbnb

This is a photo of a striped calico cat with a little white chest lying on a white wicker table next to a pot of blooming pink flowers

“Fifi” Sunbathing on the Porch of Catnip Terrace

Why I Started An Airbnb In Woodstock

OK, you’ve all heard of Airbnb by now and are probably wondering why or how I decided to start one..???  Why the name “Catnip Terrace?”  Good subject for a travel blog post, no?

My Airbnb adventure began about 4  years ago when my parents, both Woodstock artists, passed away and left me their large house with a whole collection of art work that they had created over a span of 60 years. Then there were their own personal possessions that filled not only the main house, but the attic, the basement, and  another studio building. Faced with the daunting task of sorting it all out (a process that could take 7 years!) I remember sitting on a bench in  the yard with a friend and getting a sudden visual flash: It was the Wicked Witch of the East in the Whizzard of Oz who lay on the ground with only her legs sticking out from the house that had fallen on and crushed her. 

This is a photo of the Wizzard of Oz's witch of the East dead under a house with only her black and white stocking legs sticking out with the ruby slippers on the feet.

Wicked Witch of the East Crushed by a House

It sounds funny now, but back then it wasn’t. – I really felt the weight of that house with the high taxes and all the other bills that came along with it. 

“Where do I even start?” I blurted out. My friend said ” Hey, you have all those empty rooms! Why don’t you do an Airbnb in Woodstock!!? “A who? what?” I asked not knowing what he was talking about. “What is Air b and b?” Well, my friend didn’t know exactly what Airbnb was either except that it had something to do with renting out spare rooms and his friend was putting himself through grad. school with the money he earned. Hmmmh, I wondered if this could be a way to help pay the taxes on the house or fund my travels  …????  First of all I had to find out what this “Air b and b ” thing was.  Google to the rescue!! That night I found the “Airbnb” website, read about people renting out rooms, boats, tree houses, and all kinds of alternative lodgings for travelers: I liked their out of the box approach. As an avid traveler this seemed like a natural and creative way to grow an income that would cover home (and travel ) expenses by hosting other travelers with similar interests. I wanted to introduce them to the beautiful Catskill Mountains and Woodstock, Colony of the Arts. It would also be a motivation to clean up and make needed repairs in the house.

“Catnip Terrace” Woodstock Airbnb 


A painting of a cat in a tree

Painting by my mother,Gerry Scholl Epstein

Coming from a family of artists who were also animal lovers I wanted this to be reflected in the home. Little did I know that in the near future it was to become the unique feature that would attracted  like-minded folks. My current pets were cats so I named our place “Catnip Terrace” and indeed, a cat was the first pet I’d ever had as a child. Catnip Terrace is an AIRBNB for  eco-travelers who fancy quirkiness, love animals, nature, culture & the arts.


For starters I took all the art work that was taking up precious floor space and  put it up on the walls to create a gallery look. 

Photo of living room with paintings and sculptures

Catnip Terrace Living room

Then I started sorting out a lot of things that were no longer useful to me and sold them on Craig’s List to raise money for  house paint, new pillows, bedding, accent rugs, and other things that would brighten up the house.

photo of a placemat painting that says "Sanity is the Playground of the Unimaginative"

A sense of humor is a good thing – especially in morning with coffee. Courtesy of Bad Girl Art

The Catnip Terrace House History

My parents were contemporaries and friends of well known old time Woodstock Artists such as Fletcher Martin, Julio de Diego, Arnold Blanche, John Earnst, and Victor Basil. Both of them were students of the Art Students League in NYC back in the mid 1940s which is where they met. My dad was a student there on the GI bill, my mom – a monitor and painting student. They spent their summers at the sister school, The Art Students League in Woodstock, now called the Woodstock School of Art. 

Black and white photo from the late 1940's of a mascarade ball given by the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock NY. It looks like the costumed students are sitting in a home or restaurant.

Art Students League Ball

photo of a man making a sculpture of a nude female at the Art Students League of NY

Raphael working on a sculpture

The photo below shows my parents getting married at the home of Fletcher Martin on Meads Mt. His wife Helen was my mom’s childhood best friend growing up in NYC. 

A simple wedding photo of two artists on the patio of painter, Fletcher Martin

The Marriage of Raphael & Gerry Epstein on the lawn of Fletcher Martin’s house in Woodstock

Since its opening three years ago I have had travelers from all over the world from  who come to explore our beautiful town of Woodstock and to study at the Woodstock School of Art, the Woodstock Center for Photography, local Yoga studios, KTD, the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, to participate in the International Film Festival, Luthiers Showcase  and more.

Some people bring their pets if they are friendly to cats. This is one of my first feline Airbnb guests enjoying an afternoon nap..

photo of an orange cat with a lion haircut lounging on a colorful bed

Are We Not Color Coordinated!?

Young blonde woman holding an orange cat with a lion cut

My Guests

Catnip Terrace is only a ten minute walk from  the Woodstock  bus stop and the town center where all the shops, galleries, and restaurants are. We have wifi, beach chairs and bikes available and you can use our kitchen to cook.

If you would like to stay at Catnip Terrace You can find & make a reservation with us by clicking here “Catnip Terrrace” 

DID AIRBNB HELP PAY MY TAXES? Yes! CAN IT HELP FUND YOU TRAVELS? ABSOLUTELY… AND you’ll meet  great people from all over the world. 

I’ve had guests from Germany, England, Scotland, Argentina, France, Spain, India, and Australia, just to name a few.

photo of an Indian couple against the backdrop of mountains and a blue lake

Catnip Terrace Guests from India


Catnip Terrace guest from NYC 




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A Thank You Note Fr8m A Guest

A Thank You Note From A Guest



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