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Fall Colors Of The Hudson Valley


THE FALL COLORS of the Hudson Valley, NY are one of the undisputed wonders of the Northeast. They make an overcast sky look sunny and turn a sunny day into a magical fairy land as you drive the winding mountain roads of flaming reds, orange, and golds.

 Autumn at the Ashokan Reservior

Autumn at the Ashokan Reservoir

You can see what I mean in this photo on the right which was taken during the height of the fall season at the ASHOKAN RESERVOIR, a 15 minute drive from the center of Woodstock, NY.

THE BRILLIANT colors of the leaves reach the height of their glory usually between the second and third week of October and some of the best vistas can be all be seen within an approximate eight mile area.


Flaming colors on Cooper Lake Road

Some of my favorites places to watch the turning of the leaves include Overlook Mountain, Cooper Lake, the Ashokan Reservoir, and Wilson State Park.


Wilson State Park

 DESCRIPTIVE WORDS cannot due justice to autumn in the Hudson Valley – It’s a visual experience best transmitted through photos until you can physically get yourself there.The pictures shown in this post were taken in and around the area of Woodstock, NY so if you’re reading this as fall is approaching, grab your camera and go!


Fall Colores in Woodstck, N Y20151026_164301


The Ashokan Reservoir         

Fall colors of the Hudson Valley, NY

Fall In The Hudson Valley, NY





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