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Why Spend Halloween In Woodstock ?

IF YOU THINK YOU’RE TOO OLD FOR  TRICK OR TREATING  get out your broomstick  and blast off to Woodstock, NY where Halloween is a good time to be had by people and pets of all ages! You’ll see older folks sporting some of the most artistic, hand made costumes and many families dress  their pets and children as well to join the Halloween parade which begins on the Woodstock village Green Monday, 10/31starting at 4:30 pm. It’s the best parade around!  20140622_153504

Shops open their doors offering chocolate, and other goodies So here’s to you having a Spooktacular Halloween in Woodstock. Come join in the festivities!  Need a place to stay the night or two? Check out “Catnip Terrace Woodstock Airbnb”









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